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  K'Lyn : August 8th, 2006 @ 10:36 pm     comments (1)  

August 8, 2006

Hi Ben,
Is August busy for you? It sure is busy around here. You talked about going to bed tired and waking up tired. I guess 2 years of giving up a few hours sleep will be very worth it. You know, most successful people get up early and get their “creative” work done. . . . .
Way to go on leading the mission in giving out books! That shows that you are associating with some very good missionaries. What a choice experience you get to have! You talk about seed planting and I know what that is. That’s all we did at the JSMB. Just carry on and perhaps another missionary sometime will be there at the right moment and be able to teach them.
We keep praying that you will have success in the language, both in speaking and being understood, and understanding by the spirit what is being said. I know you can do marvelous things with the Lord’s help. Focus, and pray. And all will be well.
I loved your description of the branch. I don’t think we realize what a support a fully staffed ward is, and what wonderful people we get to be with every Sunday. And yet, those who have to struggle are many times the strongest.
We are reading in Alma at about the same place you are talking about. Of course we are much slower and it will probably take a year to finish, but we plod along.
As for this week, it’s been pretty quiet. Joseph has had soccer camp every day for 2 hours, so he should be pretty tired. Of course he and Daniel stay up late playing the x-box, which is not a good idea, but oh well.
Tomorrow Mark and Amy and family, Sadie, Libby, and Ryder and Joseph and I are going to the zoo. Eddie is in Arkansas doing some army training. While he was gone, Sadie’s cat got up in the attic and couldn’t get down. Sadie heard her meowing and Dad talked her through some things, and then Mark went over and pulled off a board and the cat came out, tired and hungry. Things always happen when Eddie is away.
Anyway, Sadie came up and spent a few days here. Libby is such a cutie! And little Ryder is just beginning to laugh.
By the way, Marie found out yesterday that she is going to have another boy. I told her that boys are good, that I like boys! I guess Bryan got a 90 on his mid-term test. He is keeping his focus! Good for him!
Mark and Amy are coming up this weekend so Crystal can go school shopping. That’s right, she starts kindergarten this year! Life does move on. . . .
We went to the Tooele County Fair this last week. It was pretty nice, just one building with all the displays in, and a few rides, with a “carnie” that smoked one cigarette after another. I was surprised to see that there were no restraints on the kiddie rides. We had Navajo tacos and little doughnuts and scones for lunch. It was a lot of fun!
The Davis County Fair is next week, and so is Oak City Days, and also Eddie’s 10 year class reunion. Life just gets busier and busier. Before we know it Christmas will be here!
You know that we love you, don’t you? We pray for you always. We just had family prayer and Joseph prayed for you and your success, Many times we also pray for your companion and the leaders of your mission. You can count on those blessings, they are very real.
Keep your chin up. Do your work well, not just average, but WELL. I am confident that the Lord will bless you.
  K'Lyn : August 1st, 2006 @ 9:55 pm     comments (0)  


I decided that I would post my letters to ben here and then everyone could read them if they want to.

Hi Ben,

Man alive, has this summer gone fast! Don’t stress over the fact that you aren’t here to go to Disneyland, All good things come to those who wait. Daniel missed the last cruise, and it seems every missionary in our family has missed something.

As for the BBQ, there just isn’t too many people around our house anymore. We just don’t eat like we used to, but when we do we used the BBQ and cook up a storm.

Chris goes to the MTC tomorrow. WOW He has been waiting a long time. He will be a good missionary.

I will download your messages to the website and the pictures that you send me. That’s too bad about the website thing. Your President must have had a bad experience with a missionary who had one. Oh well, we will do the right thing always.

We always pray for your success in learning and communicating in the language. I know if you work hard, then the Lord will bless you and you will be an instrument in His hands in the Ukraine. Just keep praying and working. Actually that is the key to success in anything and everything. As for giving talks: Prepare, Prepare, Prepare, and then Pray, Pray, Pray.

As for me, here at home, things are enjoyable and easy, those lazy, hazy days of summer. It rained today and cooled down and was SO nice. Sadie and Libby and Ryder were here and Joseph watched Libby while we went shopping. We had a great time. Other than that, the grass is green and the corn and tomatoes are on. It just doesn’t get much better than this, unless it is when the peaches are on.

News of the family:

Mark and Amy are doing well. Amy’s dad sold all their milk cows and now they just have the farm and he is also working as a mechanic on a great big farm. The kids are way cute. Crystal starts school this fall, and everyone loves Rooker. Bailey is a sweet fireball.

Eddie is in Arkansas this week for some training, so that’s why Sadie was here for a couple of weeks. We plan on going to Cherry Hill and the zoo before school starts.

Brett and Carrie are heavy into school.

Marie and Bryan aren’t here, but we do talk a lot on the phone! They are doing very well, just far away.

Daniel is dating Kelli Bradshaw from the 7th ward, and some others. He seems to have lots of work doing windows. He just had his 90 day interview with the Stake President, meaning he has been home for three months and the President just wants to know how he’s doing.

Joseph is breaking out of the “little boy” mold and being a teenager with girls and showers and etc. He even shaved the other day, although I don’t think he had anything to shave. He is a lot of fun to be around.

Dad just goes to work and does church things. He keeps our yard very nice. We just bought a new garage door today after 25 years of going up and down.

Mark’s old flame, Brooke Andrus is getting married this month. She seems very happy. I guess Danielle Cox went to summer school in Hawaii and has decided to stay there. She is also dating a guy from Oregon. Rachel Gardner was working at a Fitness camp for overweight, rich kids in San Diego for the summer. I guess it was a lot tougher than she thought. Kristen Gomm works at Bowmans and I saw her last week. She still looks the same as she always did.

Well, even if members of the family don’t write, just know that they love you. They all say they will write, but life gets pretty busy and just passes us by. Before they know it you will be home.

Keep your chin up. Just plug along doing the right thing. Rely on Heavenly Father’s help in all you do. He is always there to assist as long as you are worthy of His assistance. Life is good and you are where you are supposed to be at this time.

We love you and pray for you.

Love MOM
  K'Lyn : June 1st, 2006 @ 11:24 pm     comments (2)  

MDB Report

Well, since I just read Mark's report of the MDB, I thought I'd include the report that I sent to all the family missionaries.

May 29, 2006

Dear Elders,

Well, another MDB has passed and was very successful. Here is a report of the weekend:

This year was also a reunion year, so everyone had t-shirts with their Cousin numbers on and their names, which was a good idea because there were so many young kids running around, it was hard to know who they belonged to!

We had 206 Willis and Angie Lyman family members there. Every family was represented. Most notable was John and Jerrilyn Wilcken family who haven’t been able to come for a few years.

Everyone began arriving Friday. Most had to stay in the hotel in Delta, so we took up most of the rooms. Aunt Lisa served a great dinner and we visited and visited. The little kids played outside, the bigger kids played softball. We all went to bed late.

The next day, Saturday, the men got up and went to Nephi for the annual golf tournament. The Delta golf course was having a tournament, so we couldn’t go there. About 34 people went. The ladies slept in and had a great visit and breakfast. Then we all headed to Delta for the annual hot dog lunch at ACE hardware. We ate 170 hot dogs. Snow cones were 10 cents. Then some headed to the pool. There were a lot of small children in the pool, but of course their parents were in with them. And of course we had the annual knock-down, drag-out, no holds barred, water basketball game. Luckily this year no one was hurt too bad. Uncle John kept us entertained with his diving. We came back to Oak City and Josh and Jared Lyman’s families had kids games, which included sack races, and a watermelon eating contest. It was great to see the children compete. The Cousins’ Choir practice was next on the agenda. We sang 3 songs in sacrament meeting. Dinner was at the hall and the PIG contest was going on. Later that night we had the traditional Oak City dance. Everyone dances, especially when the Bunny Hop was played. Another favorite was the Hokey-Pokey and of course the Polka. Another late night with lots and lots of visiting.

We attended Uncle Jeff’s ward. He is the gospel doctrine teacher and they also asked him to plan the whole sacrament meeting. The Cousins Choir sang “Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing, then Daniel Lyman talked. He just returned from the Brazil Curitiba mission. The Cousins Choir then sang “ No Empty Chairs”, Jacob Nielson talked, and Uncle Jeff talked. The Cousins Choir sang Edward Partridges Hymn Let Zion In Her Beauty Arise for the closing song. Then we all went to the hall for dinner. After dinner we had the Bunko contest. There must have been 100 people playing. We also had a Heritage Drawing. Some of Grandma Angie’s things and other items from the Cousins were auctioned off. After Bunko we kept on with the PIG tournament and also played softball and soccer. After dinner we had the traditional program with Uncle LaVelle doing Si and I, Uncle John doing Wishy Washy, Uncle Mat doing Crooked Mouth, and all the rest of the traditional program #’s. We sang When the roll Is Called Up Yonder, and I Saw The Light. Uncle George led us in prayer and then we had Red Velvet cake and played a little basketball. Mark Lyman organized the stirring of the Sour Dough Mix, and then we got ready for tomorrow.

Monday Morning we met at the hall at 6 am and got ready for the breakfast. Thanks to Miranda and Jamie everything was very well organized and every had a job. This year we fed 970 people. After we cleaned up, most went to the cemetery for a refresher course in family history. Then we had tearful goodbyes and everyone promised to be here next year. All in all it was a GRAND EXPERIENCE. Everytime we had a prayer we always prayed for the family missionaries. We are proud of you and are proud that representatives of the Willis and Angie Lyman family could cover the earth preaching the gospel. Don’t ever disappoint your relatives!

Keep up the Good Work!

Love Aunt K’Lyn

  K'Lyn : March 8th, 2006 @ 8:34 am     comments (3)  

I'm Not As Tough As I Think I Am!

Well, it was a big day yesterday. Ben left to go to the mission field in Ukraine and we got to talk to him as he was in the airports in SLC and Chicago. I spent about an hour talking to him in Chicago. It was SO good to talk to him. He has had some experiences that have matured him and he has learned a lot about the gospel. His Russian language is coming along very well also. I shed a few tears as we hung up the phone.

Today was also my last day tending Bowen. I have really enjoyed tending him! I have watched him develop from barely rolling over to running around. He's such a cutie! I will really miss him.

So last night I kind of grumped around and was pretty onry. About 10:00 pm it dawned on me that I was GRIEVING!


I thought I could handle it, but

  K'Lyn : February 27th, 2006 @ 10:09 am     comments (2)  

It's actually warm!

Cruise 2006
We all (43 of us) met at the airport in SLC at 6:30 am, we did have a few that were almost late getting there, but we all made it. Our bus arrangements worked like clockwork, in fact another couple who used Princess transfers were waiting in the airport for their bus for 3 hours. Lucky Us! We all got processed and in our rooms. We had turquoise shirts and it was fun to see all of us. We did a little dancing at the sailaway party, but we'd just got going when they shut it down. Dinner that night was great because we were all in our shirts. The after dinner show was pretty good also. Most of us were pretty tired, so we went to bed.

Sunday, February 26
I had arranged for an area to hold a service. So at 9:00 am we all went to the Pacific Dining Room and we had JoEllen Jonsson give a Priesthood/RS lesson, (Becoming a Missionary) and Garth Guymon give a Gospel Doctrine lesson (Being Righteous in a Wicked World) haha We didn't pick the lessons, they were just the ones in order. Anyway the lessons were great and we had some good discussion. We had about 50 there. Barnes Bank has 4 couples on the cruise and Mat knows all of them, one lives in our stake. Also we ran into the Bestors from Orem. Their son is Kurt Bestor.

After church we changed our clothes and then went up for Breakfast with alot of the others. By the time we were about ready to leave, it was lunchtime, so we stayed and had lunch! Then I took a nap and Dad went to a lecture on Puerta Vallarta and fell asleep there. Anyway I met Grandpa in playing Bingo, which we lost. This was the first time I had seen him all day.

It was formal night, so we came back to the cabin and got dressed up. Everyone looked great, and the show afterwards was the production show "Piano Man" which we saw on the last cruise. All of us were sitting on the first 3 rows.

AFter that we went up and played DICE and some other games and then we convinced Betty Guymon to enter the Princess Pop Star competition. She had a beautiful voice, but none of the songs fit her voice. She chose to make it funny instead and made up different words to the song "Feelings". She even put her name down as Sue Tingey, another member of our group who was going to pay her to enter the competition. Anyway it was pretty funny and she is a good sport! Of course all of us were there to cheer her on! We got to bed about 12:30 and then we put our clocks forward, so it was 1:30 am.

Today is another day at sea, but the air is warm and the sun is shining. A whale was just sighted off the "port bow". More later!

  K'Lyn : January 12th, 2006 @ 7:34 am     comments (1)  


Many years ago as Mark was just becoming a Cub Scout, I looked at all these boys that were in our family, and I thought, "I will never understand the Scouting program!" But the day has finally arrived that I have looked forward to since 1985.


He just had his Board of Review and we will soon have an Eagle Court of Honor. So we now have 6 Lyman Eagle Scouts, 7 with Bryan, 8 with Dad! It's a good thing. It does make a difference.

So all the 120 nights of campouts, 150 merit badges, headache, prodding, threatening, pizza's, marshmallow wars, one billion popsicles, sleeping on the tramp, 12 Klondike Derby's, campfire smell in everything, dirty boys, smelly boys, dirty sleeping bags, smashed fingers, duffel bags full of candy, different sizes of Scout shirts, well-meaning but over-zealous Scout leaders, well-meaning but over-worried mothers, etc have been worth it.

I can unabashedly and without reserve say, "I am proud of ALL my Eagle Scouts!
  K'Lyn : December 14th, 2005 @ 5:10 pm     comments (1)  

Letter from MOM

This is a letter to Ben that I stuck in his pocket as he was going to the MTC.


The Lord wants you to be on a mission. He wants you to be Taught, Trained, and Tested.

You will be Taught as you teach others the gospel. You will be Taught as you serve in leadership capacities. You will be Taught as you observe your Mission President teach and lead the other missionaries. You will be Taught as you serve with other young men, some who are dedicated to serving a mission, and some who are not. Learn from all of them.

The Lord wants you Trained. You will be Trained in the MTC to be effective in reaching His children with the restored gospel. You will be Trained in ways to influence people to do good in their lives, regardless whether they accept the gospel or not. You will be Trained in teaching non-members, members, and other missionaries how to live the gospel.

The Lord wants you Tested. Of all of these, this is the hardest. He needs you to be strong in the face of adversity. You will be Tested in your ability to resist temptation. You will be Tested as you resolve to keep the rules, especially in the face of a companion who wants you to do differently. You will be Tested in the little things, like daily prayer, scripture study, and faithfulness. You will have many who will be praying that you never fail.

You come from a great missionary heritage, from the first missionaries like Grandpa Amasa who left home with 13.00 in his pocket and walked 700 miles to meet the Prophet, and then endured many things with him. You have a heritage of 4 other brothers, a brother-in-law, and a DAD who have served missions. When things get tough, never let them down.

You have a mother who loves you and prays for you always. Remember these three rules:

I know you will do well. We love you and rejoice in the opportunity for you to be a missionary.

  K'Lyn : November 21st, 2005 @ 5:26 pm     comments (2)  


Hey everyone! Practice up on your "Name That Tune" and getting the right elevator! I just got 100 1 dollar bills! They could all be yours!
  K'Lyn : November 3rd, 2005 @ 6:51 pm     comments (4)  

This and That

I was bugged because SOME OF YOU haven't written for awhile, and then I realized that I haven't written for awhile.... I rationalized that I don't have anything to write about, so I'll just write about common everyday things.

Life is pretty good, but I seem to be tired a lot lately. Come 8:00 at night and I'm ready to go to sleep. I have people that I know who could die in the next little while, and that stresses me. It seems that the older you get, the closer death comes. My neighbor is dying of cancer, my other neighbor has heart disease and could go anytime, an aunt that I grew up with my die in the next 2 weeks. If I stopped to think about I could get depressed, so I won't stop to think.

I have been doing a lot with music. I enjoy it, but I always realize that there is always someone better than I am. I learned and relearned that lesson many years ago. I have learned to accept my talent as it is and not as it compares to someone elses. I am glad to offer it in gratitude.

The lady I work with in the Stake music is very good, but she likes to be in control. She does things at the last minute and expects it to be perfect. Heaven forbid that you should take a little intiative and do more than she asks you! If so she is pretty forceful in getting you in line. I have learned to do just what I'm asked and nothing more. It's really OK.

My violin is coming along pretty good. I enjoy it alot. I enjoy the ladies that I play with. It's a pretty diverse group. Technically I will never be as good as some of the little kids that I take lessons with. Their fingers can go so very fast! But I still like it.

KIDS! Joseph is getting moody, so he must be growing up. Today his beef was that I make all his decisions. He wanted to go practice indoor soccer in Woods Cross. I had already told them that he wouldn't be coming, but would play on the team in January. Anyway, he wanted to make his own decision and go. So I said he could also make his own decision about how to pay for it and how to get there via walking, riding his scooter, etc. He did the usual "teenager" thing and slammed the wall on the way downstairs. I'm a MEAN MOM! There is a lot more to the story and I'm sure his version of the story is different. Between now and whenever there will be a million of things like this. Here we go again!

My very most favorite thing in the world is to have the grandkids here. I enjoy them so much! Each one has a very unique personality and I totally love them. I just absorb their spirits and they refresh mine.

Well enough for now. I really enjoy reading everyone's blogs. So keep blogging!
  K'Lyn : October 3rd, 2005 @ 12:15 pm     comments (1)  

An International Family

Ben has received his call to serve a mission in the Ukraine Donetsk mission. He will be speaking Russian. I am amazed that our family is so worldwide. We speak German, English, Spanish, Portugeuse, and now Russian. Our business is also very worldwide, so I sense a purpose in this. I am excited for Ben to serve a mission. He is ready.