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  K'Lyn : May 6th, 2008 @ 2:23 pm     comments (27784)  

I Am A Disney Princess!


Strong and spirited. You're no one's girly girl; actually you are very determined person with a strong sense of self. Never let go of that! The only thing that equals your sense of self is your family, but the traditions of society can always be bent to protect something or someone you love.

  K'Lyn : May 4th, 2008 @ 10:11 pm     comments (27955)  

Tender Mercy #2

Today was our Stake Conference. I had chosen the hymns for today after being told that the theme was "the Restoration". I was sitting in the RS room a few weeks ago and could hear through the vents the Primary singing, "We Thank Thee O God For A Prophet", so I figured even the kids would join in singing that song, so that was the closing song. I chose "Faith Of Our Fathers" for the opening song.

We put the words up on the screen and I had asked the High Councilman over music to do that. So the opening song comes and the first verse goes very well, and then he has the wrong words for the second verse. Then he tried to correct it and put the words to the closing song up. Anyway we mumbled through, but I thought that I'll never get this job right, and I was pretty down on myself even though it wasn't my fault.

The night before, after attending the Sat night meeting, the thought came to me that I'd better be prepared with a rest hymn, just in case they need one, so at 11:30 pm I emailed the organist and we were prepared with How Firm A Foundation,. When we got there I was told the broadcast would have a rest hymn in it. It turned out to be the same one I had chosen. Just one small tender mercy in my life that let me know that my Father in Heaven and I think alike.

The broadcast was wonderful and very spiritual, but didn't seem to be around the theme of The Restoration until Pres. Eyring gave his closing remarks. He told stories about prophets and bore his testimony about their calling. And the CLOSING SONG WAS PERFECT. (and the words fit this time.)

Anyway, the Lord still loves me even though I need to be taught humility sometimes. His tender mercies are almost daily in my life.
  K'Lyn : May 4th, 2008 @ 10:00 pm     comments (27811)  

Tender Mercy #1

A neighbor came by bringing a loaf of bread and we visited for awhile. We have known the family for about 30 years and have helped them through some very difficult situations including a divorce and mental illness. Anyway, we were catching up on each others families and as we visited I found out that she bakes bread and takes it to work to sell to her coworkers to make some extra money. Like a bolt of lightning or just a thought, I asked her if she would be interested in making the bread for trek. That would be 315 loaves of bread and 70 doz rolls. She agreed to do it and said that it was an answer to her prayers. She can now pay some bills she has outstanding. It was an ah-ha moment realizing that she just "happened" to bring a loaf of bread to a friend who just "happened" to be in charge of the food for Trek.

I love being an instrument in God's hands. I love being considered worthy to be used by God to answer someone else's prayers.
  K'Lyn : April 16th, 2008 @ 12:11 pm     comments (27825)  

I'm too old for this!

Well, today is Joseph's 16th birthday, and while I am a fairly calm person, one could almost blow your top!

First we went to the Orthodontists to get the braces off, which took an hour and a half. Joseph has been blessed with the Lyman jaw (very stubborn too). Anyway I have to get used to it.

Then I came back and picked him up to get his retainers on, and HIS plan was to go from there to get his Drivers License. So after "consulting" together we did his plan, of course. It's a good thing I have nothing to do, but whatever he wants me to. (Just a little sarcasm)

We got his drivers license and had 6 minutes to get to school, but we HAD to come home and get HIS car with HIS sound system. Of course we had to argue all the way home whether or not he could take his friends in the car. He's pretty certain that he is above the law and knows more than all the police officers. We even asked at the Drivers License place what the rule was and he still didn't believe them. Heaven save me from 16 year olds! And everyone else!

So with 3 minutes to go he got in his car, and had to take time to adjust his sound system and left. He will still have to find a place to park at the High School . . . . . mmm another tardy. . .

Still to come is the "after school take everybody home" ride, and then a soccer game, which I am sure he wants to drive ALONE to.

And we are looking "forward" to the Jr Prom. Have you ever tried to get a 16 year old to get measured for a tux? And of course I ordered the corsage or it would never get done. I offered to be the chauffeur, but it isn't going to fly. One of the other 16 year old new drivers is going to drive to the Capitol Bldg late at night with a car full of kids. Joseph gets to drive to a lazer tag place with a car full of kids. Heaven save me from 16 year olds. Heaven save all the other drivers on the road from 16 year olds.

Comments from a 16 year old on his birthday:

"My friends are good kids, they won't distract me while I'm driving."

"I'll never get in a wreck."

"Well, what do they (the police) know?"

"What!? It's MY car!"

"I drive better with the music on."

I am too old for this. . . .
  K'Lyn : April 9th, 2008 @ 9:24 am     comments (28128)  

On My Plate

When I kept a diary I would begin every year with a "What's on my plate?" page. and I haven't done that for awhile, so I thought I'd blog about that.

On My Plate:

I am a wife. Probably the easiest thing on my plate because Dad makes it easy.

I guess I really should cook because Joseph still needs to eat, but I really don't like to.

I am a mother. I am extremely blessed with GREAt kids who have chosen GREAT wives and husbands. I love them ALL. Sometimes it's hard not to be too involved in their lives and let them make the same mistakes I did, but I try to stay out of their business. Except for Joseph and Ben who still owe me every thought they think.

I am a Grandma! This gives me great joy whenever I think of those wonderful kids! I love doing things with them and for them! I need to get Lagoon tickets. . . .

I am a stay-at-home mom, but I am never at home. . . .

I am the Stake Music and Cultural Specialist. Basically that means I arrange the music for various stake meetings etc. I am being pressured by a young high Councilman to do plays and cultural events and Celebrations, etc, but I am reluctant because I figure people have enough in their schedules without having to think about another thing. Right now the feeling is to simplify and not do extra things, but that may change.

I play the temple organ every 2 weeks. That is a joy for me and I can tell when people appreciate it.

I play at the JSMB every week for 2 hours. I love putting people to sleep with my playing and everyone there is appreciative. I tell people that I am not serving because this is a totally selfish thing that I do.

I am a visiting Teacher and I love my partner who likes to go early in the month and the ladies we visit are wonderful.

I am in charge of the food for the TREK this year. This will be the 3rd time I have done that. It involves lots of planning and figuring out amounts, etc. From now until the Trek I will be pretty busy. I will feed 350 people for 4 days in the Wyoming desert the first week of June. I figure that will cost about 7000.00.

I help out at the Jr High in the music department every week. We are preparing for a concert in a few weeks. I will probably be playing the numbers that don't have CD accompaniment.

Right now I am doing a last minute accompanying for a girl who is playing a concerto for a piano competition on Saturday.

I am also playing a special musical number in church on Sunday for someone who dropped out at the last minute.

I also play the violin with some wonderful ladies. We practice every week for 2 hours. We are playing at 3 hospitals this May for Memorial Services they hold for all the volunteers who have died. We will also fiddle on the 4th of July and at retirement centers this summer, if I arrange it. I also have to arrange for Christmas playing on temple square. I also arrange the music for 4 violins, which is a new talent that I am developing.

We are also redoing the basement, so I have dust everywhere and have already picked out carpet, etc. Still to come is furniture, big TV, and getting my garage cleaned out.

I am also a Family Indexer, but I haven't done that for awhile.

I have just arranged for the disneyland trip, which I am looking forward to being with the Grandkids! But that took time checking on the prices etc, then I decided to let the travel agent do all the work.

I want to go on a cruise with the kids. It is SO necessary for young mothers to get away for a little bit. I think I was a better mother and wife whenever I came home from a cruise. So I wish to do that for all the young mothers in our family.

I was asked to be in charge of a gathering of every sister who had an April birthday in our ward. I could not find a day to have a lunch, so in the end I just made a cute card and gave to everyone. Sometimes you just can't do it all.

Things I just got off my plate are: playing at the Conference Center between sessions on Sunday, where I found that playing from the hymbook and adding my own special touches was sometimes better than playing someone else's arrangements. Playing at Aunt Rosena's funeral, which entailed changing a few scheduling items and making a plane reservation and arranging music. I made everyone cry when I played "Happy Trails" at the end. I also played the organ for the funeral.

Things I SHOULD have on my plate: Exercising, reading and pondering the scriptures, more prayer, practicing the violin, being more aware of the cultural events that I can go to, helping those around me, and you mean I have to be a missionary too?

So no matter what our situation is, we have things on our plate. Hopefully I am wise enough not to let my plate get too full, because then I can't pay attention to everything.

Life is good and I can't complain. I enjoy every day.
  K'Lyn : January 24th, 2008 @ 8:45 am     comments (3)  

ok, it's been a long time!

Eddie and Sadie and kids have moved out and it has really been an adjustment here.

I miss Sadie a lot. I miss talking with her and I miss her cooking! I miss her dedication and devotion to her family. I miss her creativity.

I miss Ryder waking up in the mornings, and I miss food on the floor and fingerprints on the mirrors. I miss Libby and her lingo. I miss Maddey going to the store with me and asking a billion questions. I miss making cookies for them. I miss watching Ryder run to his Grandpa for a hug, knowing he will always get one. I miss the total girlie approach that the girls have and the total opposite that Ryder has. I miss vacuuming up little Barbie shoes.

I miss having someone to fix my computers and everything else that is broken. Eddie always could figure out how to fix just about anything.

In short we are very lonely around here.
  K'Lyn : July 13th, 2007 @ 5:46 am     comments (3)  

A Lap Full of BLessings

For some time now we have been looking at getting a new car. My car has 112,000 miles on it, but is still in very good shape and meets our needs. We have looked at many different models and features and all of them would be around $50,000.00. We haven't felt to make a move and haven't felt that one model would be better than the next one. So we waited. We had talked with a neighbor about his Acura MDX, an 2006 model with about every gadget you can get on it, and 28,000 miles. His wife is in a Care Center and we had been good friends for about 25 years. Last night he came to us and said he wanted to sell his car and get a new one. That is very out of character for him to do that, but we drove it around and decided to buy it.

As I have thought about what happened, I realized that MANY times, in fact, MOST times in our lives, if we just "WAIT ON THE LORD", things will just fall into our laps. It has been that way with our 1st home, which came about by a chance conversation in church, and our second home, which came about by our employer making it possible for us to get a loan. Almost every car we have had has come about by literally falling into our laps. We have never had to force a decision.

When Dad was going through the ordeal of the business a few years ago, many, many times the solution to a situation would literally come from the sky and fall into our laps. One particular time, it was very difficult, and the talk ws that we should just sell and get out. A scripture from Isaiah kept coming to my mind, and that was to "WAIT ON THE LORD" That particular phrase is repeated in the scriptures many times. Anyway we waited, and it was difficult, but we came to realize that the Lord had his own timetable and we needed to be patient. Deciding to "wait on the Lord" has now blessed the lives of many people in the family.

This has happened so many times, and in the big and the small things, that we can't deny that the Lord works in our lives, and that his "tender mercies" are always present. We truly have "A LAP FULL OF BLESSINGS".
  K'Lyn : May 11th, 2007 @ 8:44 am     comments (31811)  

An Inconsiderate Mother

So Joseph calls me from school and said, "Mom, be here at 11:30 and bring the fingernail clippers!"

So I said, "Why do you need the fingernail clippers?"

Avoiding the issue he says, "Mom I really need them!

"Tell me why you need them."

"Mom! We are going to Wendy's after school and my fingernails are really long."

So, not being very sympathetic, I said, "Joseph you can wait to cut your fingernails until after you get home."

I'm sure that I am the most inconsiderate mother in the whole junior high.
  K'Lyn : May 11th, 2007 @ 6:06 am     comments (4)  


I was sitting with some of the kids at the computer when Bailey intently looked me over and then said:


It turns out that she was talking about my pearl earrings!
  K'Lyn : April 27th, 2007 @ 10:11 am     comments (28273)  

Grandma's and Grandkids

I am SO excited that Eddie and Sadie are coming for awhile. Actually they could stay home as long as the kids get to come! (Not really!)

When Mark and Amy moved to their new home after living here for awhile, the thing I missed the most was taking Crystal or Rooker to the store with me and other places. I really did enjoy having them around.

I feel kind of bad that Eddie and Sadie are only staying a few weeks, but I will enjoy every moment!